A Quantum of Poetry

The fourteenth of February is, of course, Valentine’s Day. The fourteenth of next month is Pi Day (3.14). It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Einstein developed his general and special theories of relativity before the advent of quantum physics. That set of ideas jostled some of his own, and he never quite bought into certain aspects of quantum theory. The idea of entanglement, for example, seems to defy the speed of light as the absolute speed limit of the universe. Einstein dismissed entanglement, but he could neither deny it nor explain it. In some ways, entanglement is like the emotion we celebrate on February 14th. I can’t explain love, but I feel it acting instantly at a distance, no matter where my wife might be as she and I move about our universe of work and errands and kids’ activities. Here’s a Valentine’s Day poem that acknowledges how fundamental love is, and how inexplicable.


The man we think
should know
called it spooky.
And he called it
action, acting
at a distance.
But it’s not
acting. It is being
at a distance,
and right here.
It has no need
to travel
at any speed.
Not faster than
light. Breaking
no laws, it just
is. As love is,
existing here
and on the far side
of the universe,
in both places
at once. Where
I am, and certainly
where you are.

About Devon Marsh

I've been a Navy pilot, a teacher, and a senior vice president in a major national bank. Check out my poetry, short stories, and essays at https://devonmarsh.wordpress.com/
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1 Response to A Quantum of Poetry

  1. Kimberly says:

    Explaining the inexplicable, simply. Beautifully represented in your words.

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