Science, Fiction

I read a complex article
Last night. If I
Believe and you are
Far enough away, moving
Toward or from me
At the right velocity,
Then I’ve not yet read;
In the opposite direction,
I may have forgotten.

Some evenings I read
Fiction, some fact, still
Others old subjects
As deep in debate as
Teams or flavors or rain.
One vocabulary seams
Like thread in a quilt.

When I read of space-time,
Understand the physics,
Grasp sense in equations
Waved in lieu of proof, I
Consider versatile symbols.
Patches of bold statement
Hold us in awe.

Fiction and fact both
Signify. And the math?
I understand the formulae
Like I comprehend fiction,
Maybe exactly so: Certainty
Regardless of location or speed,
Fine vantage point
On which to stand
In thrall of inadequate truth.

August 8, 2009

5 Responses to Science, Fiction

  1. lookoutbelle says:

    Hi Devon! You popped up on my Google Reader, so I knew to enjoy your poem. ‘One vocabulary seams them like thread in a quilt’. I especially liked that line. ‘Waved in lieu of truth’ made me smirk.

  2. maj says:

    Lookoutbelle, did you misread “waved in lieu of ‘proof'”? Not “truth.”

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  4. Ellen Robinson says:

    Some kind of ‘Freudian’ or ‘Pythagorean’?? slip.

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