Long time, no blog

An article in the New York Times on “slow blogging” inspired me to create this blog. I liked the idea of a slow blog because I did not like the idea of blogging every day, which is what I thought bloggers did. Now eight months after my first post, I’ve pretty much demonstrated the slowness at which I am capable of blogging. However if frames of reference in space-time are relative as prevailing theory holds, and if I’m moving away from earth at a velocity approaching the speed of light, then I may have posted today’s poem just seconds after my last post. It is only observers in an earthly frame of reference who notice an eight month gap. At least that’s what the truth of the day would have us believe. See my new poem Science, Fiction for additional thoughts on the subject.

About Devon Marsh

I've been a Navy pilot, a teacher, and a senior vice president in a major national bank. Check out my poetry, short stories, and essays at https://devonmarsh.wordpress.com/
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