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My Novella

On Independence Day I independently published my novella, How I Know, on Amazon for the Kindle. I welcome comments on the e-book, and will post details here if a print version becomes available. Many thanks to all who read drafts … Continue reading

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Family Trips

Family trips in late 2010 resulted in some poems that capture lasting memories. For me, poems like these are like pictures in an album. See links to “This Time” and “Tree in the Cemetery” on the Poetry tab. Special thanks … Continue reading

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End of School

The end of the school year meant the end of the only year that all three of our kids will ever be in the same school. The activities of the day gave me an opportunity to reflect on events and … Continue reading

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Children in Hospitals

I learned this week that the child of some old friends had to undergo major reconstructive surgery. ¬†While sharing my thoughts and well-wishes with his parents, memories came rushing back of the scary week our daughter spent in a pediatric … Continue reading

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Thinking about Health Care

I certainly do not expect to sway many opinions or drive consensus on the topic of health care reform. What I would like to accomplish is to get people to use their good and logical brains to think hard about … Continue reading

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Long time, no blog

An article in the New York Times on “slow blogging” inspired me to create this blog. I liked the idea of a slow blog because I did not like the idea of blogging every day, which is what I thought … Continue reading

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First installment

The first installment on my blog is complete. I have included a short story I started writing over 20 years ago and refined several times, a memoir piece based on experiences in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, and a … Continue reading

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